Winmax Performance Brake Pads

Winmax W1 Brake Pads

Winmax W1 road brake pads are made from a non-metallic compound designed for hard road driving. The W1 brake pads give a near standard braking feel, producing very little dust and noise. These brake pads are much more resilient to brake fade from multiple stops than the standard OEM pads. In addition the fade rate is much more consistent and predictable. These are similar to brake pads such as the Endless NS97, Project Mu NS and Ferodo DS-Performance.

The main characteristics of the Winmax W1 brake pad range are:

  • Road, Autocross use
  • Road style refinement - extremely low noise, dust
  • High pad life
  • Friction coefficient of 0.29 - 0.32 over a working temperature range of from cold up to 450ºC

Winmax W2 Brake Pads

The Winmax W2 is another non-metallic road pad compound but with a more sports driving focus. Like the Winmax W1, the Winmax W2 brake pads have no significant dust issue or noise levels. The Winmax W2 pad compound improves driver pedal feel with improved initial bite, high friction at low temperatures and improved performance at higher temperatures. As with the W1 pads , the Winmax W2 will give excellent brake pad and brake disc life compared to most brands. These brake pads give a similar performance to the Endless MX72 and Project Mu B Spec.

The main characteristics of the Winmax W2 brake pad range are:

  • Road, Autocross, Gymkhana use
  • Road style refinement - low noise, dust
  • Longer pad and disc life
  • Friction coefficient of 0.32 - 0.35 over a working temperature range of from cold up to 500ºC

Winmax W3 Brake Pads

The Winmax W3 is a versatile dual purpose brake pad compound that can be used on both road and track. This is a more track focused compound than the W1 and W2; giving improved braking control even from cold and increased high temperature stability. It is made using a low metallic composition that gives an ideal balance for those that need a daily driven brake pad, and do not want to compromise on performance when driving hard or when venturing on a trackday event. The Winmax W3 brake pads are most similar in performance to the Ferodo DS2500, Endless MXRS/MX72, Project Mu HC+, PFC 97, Hawk HP+ and Pagid RS4-2

The main characteristics of the Winmax W3 brake pad range are:

  • Road / Track Combination, Autocross, Gymkhana use
  • Specifically targeted for braking control
  • Friction coefficient of 0.34 - 0.37 over a working temperature range of from cold up to 600ºC

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